How to activate login

Instructions for login activation of Training Colleges under DPI


Step 1

At first, please go to and check whether your college is enlisted or not.*

*If unable to find the institution name, kindly contact with WBUTTEPA in this regard.

Step 2

Check for Institution Code and Registered Email ID.*

*If email id does not match, kindly contact with WBUTTEPA in this regard.

Step 3

If The Institution Code is your AISHE Code and Institution is already active in WBSCC Portal, then kindly try with the credentials that are already stored in WBSCC portal. If WBSCC portal password does not work, then password may be set using Forgot Password option.** User ID is AISHE without Hyphen(-)(e.g. If AISHE Code is C-1234 then User ID is C1234)

Step 4

If the Institution Code is not the AISHE Code, then Password is to be set using the Forgot Password option**. User ID is as enlisted in the list.

** Forgot Password option is available after selecting User type as HOI in Administrator Login section.